August 2006

If you didn’t know, I’m not a PH fan. I think she’s crass and spoiled and I hate that EVERY 13-year-old in America wants to emulate her. We give our children terrible role models like Paris and Nicole Richie and we wonder why they’re all spoiled, whiny, rude, obnoxious brats.

I discovered this site tonight and thought you might get a laugh out of it too. It looks like it just started, so there isn’t much to look at yet, but the ode to Paris Hilton pretty much did it for me anyway. Enjoy.



There is nothing more comforting to a starving reporter than the idea of free lunch. I skipped lunch today because I’m poor. Lo and behold, one of our features reporters had to do a restaurant review. They gave her food to photograph and she brought it back for all of us to enjoy. Ah, the joys of my job.

Things are definitely looking up.

PS Thanks to everyone for taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it. Sometimes I just don’t like to think so much.

Seriously, I just want to write a new blog so I don’t have to keep looking at the comments from my last one. Right now it hurts my brain to think so much about other people’s opinions on issues that probably won’t ever actually effect them. Whether we believe in abortion or not it’s not really up to us to decide for someone else what they should do with their lives. I realize that sex before marriage and abortion and all of this other stuff is against most people’s religions and that’s really outstanding that they’re taking the initiative to keep themselves pure for God or whatever. But for those of us who don’t believe in it I don’t think we should be forced to abide by their rules. Furthermore, I think most religions have some kind of belief that they will be judged in heaven, so why not just let it be at that. If I’m going to hell, I’m going to hell. Why should it matter to anyone else?

Saw some interesting news today and thought I’d share just in case you all didn’t have time to read the paper between your work and myspacing. 🙂

First, the morning-after pill has finally been approved by the FDA for over-the-counter sale. Irresponsible men and women everywhere should be rejoicing (as long as they’re over 18).

Second, Pluto has changed categories. It is no longer the ninth planet, but the first dwarf planet. There goes all our science lessons on the solar system.

In December two teenage girls were killed by a speeding car here in Lodi. Tragic yes, but yesterday the story got even worse. The older brother of one of the girls was in a terrible car accident late Monday night and died yesterday. I don’t think words can express how the mother of these two children must feel after losing them both in only eight months.

Here‘s the news story from today.

I’m going shopping for new work pants tomorrow.

Goodbye size 4, it was good while it lasted.

Hello not caring about my weight!

I feel ten times better now that I’ve decided to just buy new clothes. Wearing clothes that fit will improve my self-esteem by about a million. I’m still running though. I’m just okay with the fact that I won’t really lose weight from doing it. Plus, yay for shopping!

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