Last night I had the first warm shower since I’ve been here! We finished with our portion of the sea turtle project. The next group will be arriving today and will be taking down all of the hatcheries and helping with the last of the hatchlings for the season. The local people will continue to check the beaches for signs of sea turtles but the season is pretty much over.

Now Sofia and I are in the famed Cloud Forest where we went ziplining today and enjoyed the most beautful views I’ve ever seen. I also took time out to go to the butterfly gardens here where I saw some of the famous Blue Morpho – one of Costa Rica’s symbolic animals.

Monteverde – home of the cloud forest – is amazing because it shows how a community has chosen sustainable living over development and it has worked in their favor. The city is very difficult to get to, as they have no developed roads, yet it is the biggest tourist destination in the country because it is the last of the cloud forests and boasts more than 5,000 species of animals.

We’re going on a hike through one of the reserves tomorrow at 7 a.m. I’m hoping we’re one of the firsts to arrive so we can actually see some of the tropical birds who call this place home….