At our orientation for this project one of the ISV coordinators said we´d get homesick and we´d start complaining about eating rice and beans every day. We´d be miserable from the sun, the heat, the bugs and the work. I had never realized that those were symptoms of homesickness. I always thought homesickness was just missing your friends and family a lot. I miss everyone, but I don´t feel homesick.

However, I am miserable today. I had to work night shift at the hatchery last night, which is from 6 p.m. to midnight. Those are the hours when the mosquitoes come out in full force. There are also sand fleas that bite. We where long pants and shirts to try to keep the number of bites down, but it doesn´t seem to be helping me much.

In addition, I was working at the furthest hatchery, which is about 3 km down the beach and requires walking through a creek. Super not fun to sit for six hours with wet, sandy socks and shoes, especially when the bottoms of your feet are already rubbed raw from walking across the beach so many times.

I also got a second degree sunburn on my left ear. The edge of my ear is now just a big blister.

I´m still not sure I´d classify this as homesickness though. I think it´s just me complaining.

Today we have beach clean up again. And it´s well-needed. I´ve seen tons of garbage again on the beach already. Then I have night patrol (looking for momma turtles) again tonight.

Yesterday we dug up a nest that had already hatched so we could count the number of eggs that hadn´t hatched and figure out what went wrong. When we got to the bottom we found 23 hatchlings that would have most likely died if we hadn´t exhumed the nest that day. We also found 8 dead from larvae infestation. We released 73 hatchlings into the ocen yesterday and watched a nest of 70 sea turtles hatch and make their way down the beach to the ocean. So even with all my complaining it was still a rather successful day.