I woke up early this morning and caught a ride to Panama with some of the ANAI leaders. So far Panama to me is bananas and cows…and lots of police officers that look really scary.

When we crossed the border we had to get our passports stamped once on the Costa Rica side and once on the Panama side. Then we found a taxi but there were eight of us squished into an extended cab truck. So when we were driving toward Changuinola (where we are now) we got pulled over by two guys just standing in the middle of the road.

They made everybody get out while they checked our driver’s license and made him put a seatbelt on. Then they just let all of us get back in and drive off. All they wanted to do apparently was harrass us. I was still scared to death though.

Panama is pretty cool though. It’s still very jungly – obviously. But there seems to be more people. We even went to a bakery and got donuts and stuff. I didn’t expect to see stuff like that until I got back home. PLUS, the internet is WAY cheaper here so I can check my emails and write to some of you without feeling totally rushed.

Last night was my first night patrol. It went well, but the only sea turtle to come up on the beach didn’t lay it’s eggs. They say sometimes the turtles will come up two or three times in one night before laying. This one ended up going a bit farther down the beach and layed its eggs in Sector C (near the Panama border). We were stationed in Sector B. Regardless if I see a mommy turtle or not though, I’m just really excited to be a part of this.

Still haven’t seen a monkey.

Mosquito bite count = 20