Hey, just wanted to say hello real quick. This computer is ancient so I won’t be leaving a huge blog or anything. Sofia and I made it here safely. Unfortunately, sofia’s luggage was not so lucky. It should be here by tomorrow though.

We’re in Heredia right now and will be leaving for Gandoca at 5 a.m. I can’t wait because today we found out we’ll be there when the baby turtles hatch! We have to weigh them and then help them into the water. It sounds incredible. We’ll also be doing patrols at night looking for any turtles still laying eggs this late in the season.

Oh, and here’s a little something interesting about Costa Rica. About a year ago when I was first talking about doing this trip, my sister told me they didn’t flush their toilet paper. Instead they keep a waste basket by the toilet for you to put your t.p. in after wiping. Mmmmm… sanitation. Anyway, I didn’t believe her because she’s never been here. But it’s true. Apparently they have a really bad sewer system.

Well, the trip is going good so far and the country is beautiful. I can’t upload pictures just yet, but when I find a computer intelligent enough for that I will definitely put some up.

Talk to you again when I can.