Sofia and I are pretty much ready for the adventure to begin. I leave next Thursday morning for Costa Rica and thought I’d fill you all in on where we’ll be working with the sea turtles. So, below is a map. Gandoca, all the way down in the southeast corner, is where we’ll be doing the sea turtle conservation.

(photo no longer available)

I’ve gotten nearly all the gear I need. I would have liked to have gotten some Buzz-off clothing though because we’re not allowed to wear mosquito repellent when we’re working with the sea turtles, which will happen between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. (prime mosquito time). The problem is that the DEET can soften the turtles shells and ruin the eggs. Also, we probably won’t be able to get photos of the sea turtles laying eggs because any flashes or bright light will distract them and they’ll go back into the sea. We were hoping for a video camera but no such luck.

I will be posting blogs and photos though and I hope we at least get a few sea turtle pictures. Leaving next Thursday morning, 8 a.m.