There’s a time and a place for being a “girly-girl.” I enjoy getting dressed up and going out on a Saturday night just as much as anyone else. I carry a pink purse. I wear lipstick to work. There’s nothing wrong with being girly, but sometimes, just sometimes, it’s more appropriate to look a little rugged while still maintaining that girlish look.

What does this have to do with anything? Well, I went to REI yesterday. And all I wanted was a mustard colored camelbak backpack. There were plenty of golden backpacks to choose from – for men. But there were none designed to fit women.

Well, how about black then? Nope. No black either. If you want a backpack and you’re a girl you’re pretty much left with baby blue or grassy green. Some come in pink as well.

It’s not that I don’t like those colors, it’s just that when I think of those colors they look like mom colors. You know what I’m talking about. They look like something only your mom would carry around. If anything I’d have liked at least something to match the backpacking backpack I already have, which is eggplant purple. I don’t mind looking girly, I just feel like when I’m out doing rugged things guys are already looking at me like I can’t keep up. The truth is when it comes to hiking I usually leave them in the dust. But if I show up with a baby pink backpack they’ll come to a foregone conclusion that this “chick” can’t hang.

PS I usually do show up hiking in super cute clothes, with lip gloss and all, because I like to prove those stupid boys wrong. Just because you primp before going out doesn’t mean you don’t like a mean workout once in awhile. And it doesn’t mean you’re afraid to get dirty. I just don’t want a pink backpack. Don’t retailers know we want options?