Hey everyone, thanks for all your supportive comments yesterday. Sorry I went on such a tangent there, I was just feeling really discouraged and depressed yesterday.

For some reason something that always makes me feel better when I’m down about money is getting something new. And that’s exactly what I did yesterday. See, I’m working the system really….My phone would have been shut off tomorrow because I couldn’t afford to pay my bill. I don’t have a contract so I can quit at anytime. They just shut it off when I stop paying and reactivate it when I pay my bill.

Not wanting to be phoneless though, I went to Cingular yesterday and signed up for rollover minutes and got my new nifty free phone that actually accepts calls! AND I don’t have to pay my first bill until next month.

The best thing though is that I’ll be gone in Costa Rica for a month, not using my phone. Why is that so great? Because it means I’ll come home and have 450 rollover minutes saved up so I probably won’t go over my minutes for forever, especially since most of my family and friends have cingular and those minutes don’t count against you.