I like to think of myself as a gum connoisseur of sorts. This is because I chew so much gum each day. I keep about five packs of gum on my desk and as soon as the current piece loses its flavor I dump it in the garbage and grab a new piece. I think it’s mostly out of boredom that I do this, but it could in fact be an oral fixation. I have no idea.

Of all the flavors I love in this world, strawberry has to be just about my favorite thing ever. I love strawberries. I also love strawberry ice cream, candy, jam, etc. But strawberry gum just doesn’t do it for me. Not because it tastes disgusting. It’s just as delicious as any other strawberry flavored item.

The problem I’ve found with strawberry gum is it becomes hard to chew and loses its flavor quicker than any other gum I’ve tried. Regardless of brand, it just isn’t as good. Even brands like Bubbalicious, which usually stay soft and chewy for long periods of time, don’t last in the strawberry form. So today, sadly, I’ve decided I’m giving up on this delicious flavor of gum because I’ve decided going through three packs a day is far too costly. *tear*