oday I was doing a little research on skin diseases because I’ve been breaking out in freckles lately. I’ve never had too many freckles – just enough for them to be cute. But these new freckles are beastly and huge. One in particular is bothering me. It’s a light brown mustache-like freckle above my lip. I didn’t think it was too obvious until people started pointing out that I had “chocolate” on my face after seeing me eat a cupcake. No, it’s  not chocolate, it’s a freckle!

Now, we all know about the small print – the little disclaimers and warnings found on nearly every package in the U.S. today. The small print that worries me are side effects from medication. Most of the time I just stay away from medication all together, but there is one thing that I’ve remained true to for the past seven years, and that’s birth control.

But this is what I found out today about my dermatological dilemma:

This type looks like irregular streaks, spots or patches that appear in a symmetrical pattern on your cheeks, nose and upper lip, or on the neck, chin and around the eyes. Melasma is most commonly a result of hormonal changes during the aging process (age spots) or sun exposure, but can also occur during pregnancy or in women taking birth control pills.”

I’m so sad right now. Do I decide to risk it and quit the BC? Or do I continue getting age spots at 25 (something not commonly found before the age of 40)? Perhaps it’s just time to invest in some REALLY GOOD facial sunscreen.