This week for my newspaper I reported on a teacher who was arrested for innappropriate behavior with a student, including sexual assault, battery and annoying a child under 18 (aka sending inappropriate messages to the child).

The girl involved was a student of the teacher. Perhaps they had a relationship, perhaps they didn’t. I don’t know because that information isn’t being released. The point is: This girl was 16 or 17 years old when the first incident occurred and the teacher is 46 years old – old enough to know better and to know he could ruin his career for getting involved with a student. Yet this is the letter I received from one of his students today:

“As one of Mr. Quesenberry past student i knew him pretty well. He is not the type of person who would harm  anyone. As a female I never felt  threatened by him in any way. He always treated every student with rerspect.

“He was my teacher last year and saw what many students saw in the class, the student who accuse him is given false information, because she was the one that flirted with him and not him with her.Is my concern that Woodland High is loosing a great teacher who knows his job very well.

“It is disapointing to hear he is losing everything from a false accusation when many students know he is not capable of harming someone especially in that kind of act. I hope the truth will come soon and his reputation is clean again, because he is one of the best teachers Woodland District has.”

Um, what?!?!?! Yeah, maybe she flirted with him, but she didn’t force him to do anything. Additionally, the student isn’t even the one who reported it. It was another teacher on campus who reported it because by law she was required to do so once she knew the inappropriate behavior was going on. Once again, a female is blamed for being assaulted by a male.

To me this can be equated to a man saying he couldn’t help himself because of what a girl was wearing. If you were A REAL MAN you wouldn’t even THINK of doing something you knew was inappropriate or unwarranted. No woman is “asking for it.”

I’m so sick and tired of how this plays out in the media and has permeated into the psyche of the general population. For crying out loud, why don’t we just arrest this teenager and let the teacher keep on teaching since he’s obviously the one who wouldn’t do anything inappropriate.

I wonder how many other girls have been sexually assaulted or molested by this man and haven’t said anything. After all, he’s only been teaching at the same high school for 7 years.

I’m disgusted right now (if you couldn’t tell).

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