I am not one to scream racism. In fact, most times when people are screaming racism, I am the one saying “Bull.” Especially when it’s happening ultra-liberal towns like Davis. I had to write a few stories about a discrimination case there and I fought my boss every step of the way. The charges ended up being dropped. It’s just not something I take lightly because I feel like a white person being charged with the same thing would have no excuse.

However, today I saw what I felt was subliminal racism. I covered a program known as Every 15 Minutes, where a staged drunk driving accident is witnessed by the student body. It’s a way to hopefully reduce drunk driving among teens.

I think it’s a great program.

Here’s the scene:

It was pretty gruesome and very realistic looking, right down to blood splatter on the ground. Now here’s the problem I had with this scene. In the car at the left are three white females. In the car on the right are two hispanic males. The two guys were the drunk drivers and the driver of the car is arrested for felony DUI in front of the rest of his classmates.

Granted, this is the usual protocol for this event, I just think it’s interesting that they chose this guy to be the one arrested because he SO fits the stereotype of a hoodlum hispanic kid. And the girls of course are given the helpless role we women are always faced with. The girl on the hood was DOA.

I’m sure the people who planned this weren’t thinking about it when they did plan the event, but it goes to show the underlying problems in our society. The guy who chose these kids for the program is a latino CHP officer. He shouldn’t have a skewed vision of who the criminals are, but does he?

Maybe I’m just reading too much into this, but I thought it was interesting nonetheless. Hope you like my pictures. Yep, still a triple threat.