I am now officially and completely moved into my new place. I hadn’t even seen it until Monday, and can I just say I was a little bit shocked when I first got there. From the way my co-worker described her home, I expected it to be homely at best. Instead, I’m now living in what looks like an old plantation home. It’s a huge, gorgeous home filled with antique furniture. I had no idea I’d be living in a place so nice when I agreed to live here. What a relief though. Here’s the house:

Here’s my room, antique furniture and all.

And here’s the view from the kitchen window:

The one downside is a dog:

Luckily the dog only barked at me when I first arrived and has since taken little notice of me. I’m not a huge fan of pets, especially large pets that bark and stink. This dog seems pretty nice though.

All in all, the new house is pretty dang cool. I love that everything in it is antique, but then I worry that maybe I should touch anything. I didn’t have to bring any furniture (which is lucky because I don’t have any furniture) and I come and go as I please. It’s a little weird living with strangers, but I’ll get used to it.

In other news:

I’m sure you’ve all heard about Colberts speech at the correspondents dinner during the weekend. If you haven’t, I recommend watching it. If you don’t have time for all three, I’d at least watch the last video.