Yesterday I learned that a friend of a friend won $15 mill in the lottery last month. Now he’s traveling around the world because he can. I cannot even begin to explain how jealous I am. If you’ve been reading this blog long enough you know about my problem with the lottery. If not, I’ll explain:

I used to play the lottery, but every time I had a ticket in my hands I’d start daydreaming about all the things I could do with the $64 million I was going to win. I’d have my whole life planned out and life was good. Then Wednesday would come, I’d get the numbers and I’d begin throwing things across the room because when it came down to it I was still living my life with no money and tons of debt. Long story short, I had to quit playing the lottery because it was far too upsetting for me.

HOWEVER, this is the second friend I’ve had who has won a large sum of money (the last won $25,000) and my efforts during the past four years to avoid the lottery are crumbling all around me. The problem is I can already see the pitfalls resurfacing as well I spent all morning looking at prices for around-the-world plane tickets.

I’m only going to buy one ticket per week and I PROMISE not to get my hopes up…..but if I had millions I’d

-Buy my parents a new home with a large piece of property so my dad could finally be a farmer like hes wanted for years. *I’d also make them throw away ALL of their junk as part of the move in deal and I’d hire a farmer for one year to teach my dad how to farm.

-Buy myself a home and let my friends live there while I was traveling around the world.

-Travel around the world (seeing a theme here?)

-Pay off ALL my debt and Donald’s too.

-Start a trust fund for my two youngest siblings (kati and peter).

-Continue with my journalism career and finally have the time to spend on making it to a foreign correspondent position.

-Donate money to good causes.

-Buy some new shoes finally instead of getting my boots fixed AGAIN.

-Buy a car with a working radio.

-And probably buy a bunch of junk I dont really need, but I’ve always wanted.