On the way to my interview this morning I drove through my hometown, only I wasn’t sure I was really there. I drove down Elk Grove Blvd. from I-5 to Hwy 99, but it looks nothing like it did when I was growing up there.

Gone were the fields dotted with Oak Trees. In their place were gas stations, restaurants and retail establishments. In addition, there were a barrage of new homes and communities. I know Elk Grove has been growing at an unseemly pace, but I had no idea it had gotten so out of hand. It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on Elk Grove Blvd, which used to be the  more deserted of the two main boulevards in town. The Laguna Creek side has always had a lot more pavement and development, so I’m not nearly as surprised when I drive there.

I know it’s progress, but it makes me sad to see my hometown transformed to a state where I don’t even recognize it as the place where I grew up.

70,000 and growing…..wonder what that’s done to the crime statistics for the town. Oh, I mean city.

PS I know you’re all wondering, so I’ll just say this: the interview seemed to go well. There are a few other applicants though and the editor said it will be a few weeks before I hear anything. I’m pleasantly optimistic though. *fingers crossed*