Although he looks a bit scary in the above picture, LP from Yellowcard pretty much rocks. My good friend, Hardeep, is a huge fan of the band and has gotten to hang out with them on a few occasions thanks to his friend Kody, the mastermind behind Animal Wear Clothing.

Kody was a fan of the band since they started playing at the Boardwalk here about five years ago. Now that they’ve made it big, they haven’t forgotten about their first fans and they’ve made an effort to help promote Kody’s clothing line as much as they can by wearing his stuff at concerts and in their videos. I think that’s an awesome thing for them to do.

Anyway, the band was great and we got to hang out backstage as part of Kody’s posse. We only met LP because we got all starstruck by the other band members and couldn’t even approach them. We also went out front to actually listen to the band because it sounds better out there since the speakers are facing that way. The concert was really good except they didn’t play my favorite song.

If you guys ever get the chance to check this band out, I highly recommend it. I love that this band has a violinist because it adds a sound you don’t hear too often.

Also, check out Animal Wear Clothing. Some of their stuff is really cute.