If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been on myspace a lot less lately. It’s because I’ve practically been on my death bed this past week with some sort of horrible flu/cold thing, which apparently is really just allergies. Seriously, I almost coughed up a lung yesterday and today I go to the doctor thinking she’s going to diagnose me with walking pneumonia or bronchitis or SOMETHING and she says it’s probably just allergies.

Now, I’ve never had allergies in my life so I’m no expert, but I didn’t think this was what allergies were like. Granted, I have a runny nose. But I’m also coughing uncontrollably, have stuffy ears and mucous coming from every direction. I’ve been feverish and nauseous for two days to the point that I can’t even look at food without having the distinct urge to vomit. Does that sound like allergies? Furthermore, I thought allergies were caused by pollenation and usually happened on clear days. Have you looke around lately? All I’ve seen are rain clouds and thunderstorms FOR WEEKS!

Does anybody know anything about allergies? Can you fill me in? Because my doctor’s diagnosis came almost completely from the fact that I was sick like this in January too. Having similar symptoms within a short span of time apparently means it’s an allergic reaction, not the fact that I work in a small office with people who have young children and could have given me something. Our photographer was out all last week with some crazy cold his daughter gave him. Hm? Could that be it?

Anyway, I’m just pissed that I spent $15 for a stupid diagnosis that really doesn’t tell me anything. She did agree to take a throat culture though and will let me know if it comes up with anything. Maybe it is allergies. Right now I’m just SICK of being sick!

For those of you who read this before I was able to fix it, I have EXTREMELY bad math skills when I’m sick and I really am only $455 away from my trip to Costa Rica. I don’t know how I didn’t notice I carried a one when I was subtracting…..

PS Please remember, I’m a writer not a mathmetician.