In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m a picture person. I love pictures. I like taking them. I like being in them. I love looking at them. And I usually have rows and rows of framed pictures dotting my shelves, but no longer.

I’ve been packing to move and, minus my clothing, I’m planning on putting everything in storage. That means I had to pack up all of my picture frames. I did the deed yesterday and suddenly my room feels EXTREMELY empty. My shelves are bare and the only thing left on my walls are a couple of paintings by me and my dad (only because I don’t know how I’ll pack them without ruining them). I still have quite a bit of clutter in my room, including a large stack of bills but it’s just not the same.

I don’t know what it is about pictures that makes them mean so much. They’re just pictures right? But for some reason I feel more complete being surrounded by the people I love, even if it is only symbolically.

There were pictures of my family, who have all moved away. I had a picture up of me and Eileen at one of the first protests I ever went to. There was a picture of Donald and I after we smashed cake in each other’s faces at our wedding, pictures of my brother and I as toddlers, pictures of my parents before when they were MUCH younger, a picture of me and my sister Jess at Yosemite last summer and many, many more. I like being remind of these people. It reminds me that even though they’re far away, they’re still people I care about and it makes me think of them often. I think of all of the good times we had together and hope we’ll have more happy memories in the future.

The problem is: now that I’ve packed up all of these memories, will I want to unpack them again six months from now? I may just let them sit in a box until someone discovers them one day. Instead, I may just begin a whole new era of pictures when I find my new job in a new place. Then again, I may keep the old collection and just keep making additions….

***Side Notes***

* While packing I found a booklet containing some old blog ideas that I never wrote, so I’ll be writing a few of them in the next few days. Even though the topics are a bit outdated, I still like the ideas.

* I bought my travel insurance today. Yay! And I received two more donations! One from my good friend Christina and one from my myfriend Robb (his second donation). I also finally received my refund for the Spanish class I signed up for earlier this year. That means I’m only $455 away from my goal! Only three weeks to go, but I think it’s definitely doable.

*For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m going to Costa Rica for a month this summer to work on a conservation project (aka saving the sea turtles) and do some site-seeing. The project costs a fortune but allows for people to make tax-deductible donations because I’m working as part of a nonprofit student organization.