Although most of the night was a blur….

I thought I’d indulge you all in a little photo essay to explain my American Idol-esque profile photo.

No, I don’t know what Michelle was doing in the background. I’m guessing she was dancing to my oh-so-wonderful crooning. Haha.

Soooooo….here we go.

We were all out celebrating Michelle’s soon-to-be-wedding. The bride-to-be:

It started, as many bachelorette parties do, with us putting on beads (to be won by men throughout the evening for doing our bidding), and drinking from penis-shaped straws:

Then we picked up the bride, where we were given sashes with our names on them. They also had sayings on the back, mine says “Take my picture and buy me a drink.” <—-anyone who knows me, knows this is fitting….

To stay true to my sash, some random guy at the bar began taking pictures of us, then of just me until Michelle came over and said, “You’re not America’s Next Top Model, let’s go.” <—-appparently they had been waiting for me.

Here’s one of my top model shots:

Here’s the group with our sashes, already at the bar:

Then our limo finally arrived. 45 minutes late, driver tried to gyp us and charge us twice as much, and the limo had already been used for the night. It was completely littered with empty drink cans and champagne bottles. Still worth showing up in though

Once we finally got to sing Karaoke, the real fun began….

Obviously Michelle and I didn’t know the words at this point.

Neither did anyone else:

We still had a good time dancing on stage though.

These pictures were mostly all taken by some random guy at the bar, who we thought was from partypics or some other online bar photo site. Nope, just a random photographer out on a Saturday night practicing his shots. We gave him our emails anyway so we could re-live the night, especially since most of us forgot exactly what went on.

What I do remember, and the highlights of my night, were 1) being molested by a woman at the bar, who not only felt me up but flashed me her boobs as well, and 2) Being asked by some guy if I’d buy him a drink. He asked me the second I walked in the bar. Not the best pick up line. He later messed up a picture I was taking of my friends while they were taking shots and I yelled at him, nearly starting a bar fight. Never happens, I swear.

All in all, it was a great night. I know there are more pictures floating around out there, but I haven’t gotten them yet so you’ll just have to enjoy the few I do have. These are plenty anyway, yes?

PS I still don’t know exactly what I was doing here:

I wasn’t singing Karaoke so I have no idea what I was looking at….

Okay, bye for now!