Last month I posted a blog about some of the minor things in life that annoy me. Well, in light of all this dreary rain I thought I’d post a little pick-me-up blog about things that are good in the world. I know this probably won’t get the same type of response as a negative blog, but I need happy thoughts when the rain is pouring down around me. So here we go (in no particular order):

1. Having my hair washed by someone else.

This is not me having my hair washed by someone else:

Is there any better feeling then getting your hair done at the salon? If I had enough money I would seriously hire my own personal hair washer. I wonder what it is about having someone else’s fingers running through your hair that feels so good…..hmmm….

2. Sleeping In

My life would be complete if I could sleep in til noon every day. Seriously. Oh, and this only gets better if you get to sleep in with somebody else lying next to you. Mmmmm….sleep….

3. Movies that turn on the emotions.

Whether it’s laughing or crying, I love a movie that can make me feel something. Blah movies are just that – Blah.

4. People who do something nice for you without any expectations for payback.

I honestly didn’t think this existed, but as I’ve been struggling to save up money for Costa Rica I’ve found that it does. I can’t believe the number of people who have donated to me who I don’t even know, and may never meet. You guys are AMAZING. One day I hope I can do for someone what others have done for me.

Side note: I received another $70 in donations from two people, both are myfriends. Kaytie made a second $50 donation and my new myfriend GermanGirl donated $20! Only $700 more to go!

5. Girls who aren’t gossipy or catty.

There aren’t many, but I’ve found a few good ones and I’m keeping them. I’ve never had as many close girl friends as I have right now and they’re all fabulous! I know they’ll tell me things straight, and to my face. I don’t have to worry about walking into a room and having a silence fall over everyone because they were all talking trash about me. My friends are as true as they come (at least I think they are) and I love them to pieces!

6. Pictures!

Haha. Was there any doubt? I don’t know what my obssession with pictures is, but I love them. I love looking at them, taking them, and posing for them. I think it’s fun to document outings….it helps to remember them in the morning…

7. Hugging a good-smelling, close-shaved man.

Does this really need explanation? I think not.

8. Men who still open doors for me.

I know, I know, with all my feminist talk you people would think I’m one of the crazies who don’t want a man to do anything for me. But when it comes to opening doors, including car doors, for me nothing makes me smile more. It reminds me of my grandparents – the cutest couple ever. My grandfather ALWAYS gets my grandmother’s door for her and it makes my heart smile. When Donald and I visited them a few years back, I tried to open my own door and my grandpa shamed me for it! Haha. But Donald made a great impression. He used to always open the car door for me, and he knew to open my grandmother’s door for her.

9. Technology

When I was a kid I hated computers. I hated everything techie because my dad was so into it. Now, I love everything tech. I love digital cameras, iPods, laptops. Love it all. Seriously, it makes life so much easier…unfortunately it also makes me super lazy but we’ll forget about that for now….

10. Sunshine!

I can’t wait for summer. This rain is killing me.