….with a press pass.

We’ve all seen the scene of an accident or a crime. We’ve driven by or, if we’re lucky, we’ve gone outside our front door and looked on wondering what exactly happened. When I was younger my mom and I drove by a court that had been completely blocked off. People were standing all around trying to get a look, trying to see what happened. Me and my mom wondered what was going on, but it wasn’t until the next morning we saw on the news that a man had killed himself and his family in a house on that street.

A similar experience happened last weekend. Some friends and I were driving around Elk Grove when we saw that a section of Laguna Blvd had been closed off in front of Chili’s. Of course we began making up wild stories of what we thought had happened. We also joked that I should jump out with my press pass and Allan with his camera to get the scoop. Two days later the story was on the front page of The Sacramento Bee. Turns out some guy went on a shooting spree through Elk Grove that night. Who knew?

The thing I love about my job is that I CAN know. When I walk up to a scene I’m not just brushed off by the police. They want the information out there so people know why the street was closed down and so people know it’s safe again. Maybe it’s not like that in all towns, but here in Woodland I’m almost always given the info by the cops.

I’ve been reflecting a lot on this job lately and I have to say that what I love most, and what I’m absolutely not willing to give up, is the variety and excitement that comes with this job. When I come into work in the morning I can think that it’s going to be a boring day. “Ah, I just have a stupid teacher feature to write,” I say to myself. Then the scanners start going off and I run off to an accident with a photographer. Or someone comes in and says, “Hey, do you guys know why they’ve got the our alley blocked off?” And I run outside with a photographer and start asking questions. Not only do I ask questions, but I get answers.

This isn’t a hypothetical either. Today some guy parked a stolen car in the Post Office parking lot, which is just behind our building and the police found it. Inside the car was “a suspicious device,” so suspicious the cops had to call in the bomb squad. Yep, the bomb squad. They’ve closed down all the streets surrounding our building, the post office has been evacuated….and I’m sure the TV crews are on their way out here. Here I am with the scoop and I’m just giving to you guys. Haha. Anyway, I just wanted to say no matter how little I make at this job, I do love it. Who gets to break up their day by being an ambulance chaser extraordinaire? Oh, me. That’s who.