It’s that time of year for spring rains to begin. Those of us in the Sacramento area know this far too well. Today was a record day of rain in Woodland. The most recorded days of rain in March here was 17, until today.

With spring rain also come SNAILS!

Snails (and worms) can be seen decorating the sidewalks during a mild rain. Apparently it’s because snails hibernate during the winter! I had no idea. In fact there are a lot of things I didn’t know about snails. One thing I did know though is that they are hermaphrodites. Bet you didn’t know that. This vast repertoire of snail knowledge comes to you from an episode me and Sofia witnessed the other night.

Outside of my front door there is an entire colony of snails:

And when me and Sof saw them we started asking a bunch of questions. How do snails reproduce? Are they born with their shells on? What do they eat? How long do they live? The list goes on. If it helps, I think we may have been drinking….or on our way to drink at the time.

This got me thinking that I should investigate. So I’ve done a little research (aka read about it on wikipedia). I found out that snails lay eggs in topsoil. They hibernate from October to April and they can seal their shells off with their mucus so that they don’t get dehydrated if there’s a drought. I don’t know though if they’re born with or without shells. I do know that they make their shells throughout their lifetime. Once they have a lip on their shell they’re done growing and they begin reproducing.

All of this was actually written to raise some awareness though. Snails, they carry their homes on their backs. If you carried your home on your back I’d have mad respect for you too, so the moral is: be nice to snails.

Please don’t squash them because they’re everywhere right now!

PS No snails were harmed in the making of this blog.

PPS I accidently squashed two snails tonight because I was carrying groceries and the lights were off. I almost cried. It hurts my heart to hear a crunch under my foot. I’m not even sure I squashed snails, but I can pretty much guarantee it. Poor snails. Can I get a moment of silence for them? Thanks.

PPPS I’m seriously going to have a panic attack every time I go outside my front door from now on.

PPPPS Remember to donate to my Costa Rica fund! I’m SO close now. Just $10 from each of you can help me save some sea turtles this summer!