I haven’t mentioned this before because I was worried I wouldn’t find anything, but I’ve been looking for a new job. I’ve sent in a few applications here and there, but not for anything I’ve been really interested in – PR jobs mostly. Then on Friday one of my friends sent me a job posting for the Communications Director for a California assemblyman.

This job would be perfect for several reasons:

1. It would get me back into politics and paying attention to the world.
2. I could move back to Sac and be closer to my friends.
3. I could afford to pay my rent (and maybe even buy some groceries).
4. I think this particular assemblyman rocks! To have found a job with an assemblymember I’ve actually heard of would just be too cool.
5. I’d be working at the capitol.
6. It’d look great on my resume.

I don’t want to get too excited about this, but I just sent in my resume and cover letter at lunchtime and I’ve already got a call back asking me for an interview this Wednesday!!!! I’ve got my fingers crossed and I’m trying not to be too excited because I’d be DEVASTATED if I didn’t get this job. Anyway, I’m going shopping for a conservative, I-work-at-the-capitol-type outfit for my upcoming interview! Wish me luck!