My last blog was way too long so I’m posting this as a separate blog.

I received another donation for my Costa Rica Fund: $10 from a close friend of mine who prefers to remain anonymous. That brings my total to $1390!

Unfortunately, I found out I won’t be able to use my frequent flyer miles to purchase my plane ticket though.  I have 58,000 frequent flyer miles, which would normally be plenty to get to Costa Rica, but because it’s high season they charge double miles so I’d need 70,000 to get there. It’s a bummer for sure because that means I have to come up with an extra $700 for my trip. 

I’ve got until the end of April to come up with the rest of the cash ($1710) so if any of you can donate I’d be so, so thankful! Remember all donations are tax deductible because I’ll be working on a sea turtle conservation project for a non-profit organization. Any donation is welcome.

Also, I’ve been trying to put together a “Send Rebecca to Save the Sea Turtles” benefit concert with the help of a friend of mine. We have a few bands lined up who are willing to help out but we still need a venue. If anyone out there knows of a place I would be more than grateful for the suggestion/help in lining something up within the next month. I know it’s short notice and probably not likely, but I still have to keep my fingers crossed.

PPS I’d also like to know how many of you would be willing to attend such an event. I’d need to get a large crowd there in order for it to be beneficial. Also, if you think a dj/dance party would be better than live music, please let me know. I’ll give you details when I know. Thanks again to everyone who has donated! I appreciate all of your support.