I was supposed to go to the Aerosmith concert in February but it got canceled because Steve Tyler was ill. Luckily, the concert was rescheduled to a weekend I was free (April 15) so I didn’t sell back my tickets. But my friend Alan wasn’t so convinced and wanted to get rid of his extra tickets. I just recruited some friends to buy his tickets and come along….and now Tyler is canceling the rest of the tour! I was SO looking forward to that concert. Now I’m super sad for sure.

CNN Today: LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler will undergo surgery this week for an undisclosed medical condition, forcing the band to cancel the remaining dates of its North American tour.

The truth of the matter though is I just didn’t want to miss out on seeing this sexy beast:

On the plus side: At least I’ll get my fifty bucks back and I can put it toward my Costa Rica trip.