There are a lot of expressions I use on the daily that I’ve found have been misconstrued/misunderstood recently so I thought I’d compile a Becca Dictionary for you all so it will be easier to translate Becca-speak into the vernacular. Here we go:

“That hurts my heart.” – This is a joking way for me to say that you’ve crossed the line or you hurt my feelings. I’m not pissed yet, but I will be if you don’t stop.

“That makes my heart smile/cry.” – Whatever you said/did made me happy/sad.

“Let’s be friends, kay?” – What I mean is: I don’t want to fight anymore so let’s agree to disagree.This is said to anyone, even people I’m not actually friends with and who will not have any idea what I mean.

“We’re still friends, right?” – What I mean: You’re not still mad, are you?

“You and me, we’re not friends.” – This is reserved for when I’m semi-mad/annoyed/upset.

“Whatever you/him/it.” – I’m over it.

“Promise swear.” – I really mean whatever I just said.

“Promise swear?” – Do you really mean it?

“PS” – Means “by the way.” I don’t know why I say it so much but I can’t stop myself now that I’ve started it….

“Not so much.” – I mis-spoke or I’m not the least bit interested in something.

I also use the words “super” and “fabulous” often, but I think they’re self-explanatory.

This is all I could think of off the top of my head. If any of you have others that you want defined or you hear me say often, feel free to leave them below and I’ll add them to the list.