As you all know (or should know) I’ve been wanting an iPod ever since my car stereo freaked out back in July, but because I’m poor I couldn’t get one and because I have no rich friends or family I couldn’t ask for one for Christmas. I haven’t known anyone who bought a newer version and hadn’t already promised their old one to anyone else. So basically I’ve been driving around for the past 8 months or so without any music in my car. It gets rather lonely.

The good news is I am now the proud owner of my very own iPod (thanks Tony ). I’m not really sure how to use it yet, but luckily Allan downloaded some of his music onto it so I had some to listen to and I haven’t taken the headphones off in hours. It’s not even just the joy of having music for the drive to Sacramento either. I get to listen to music while I jog now!

I just got back from jogging and 1) it went by a lot faster 2)I was able to totally zone out and forget how much work jogging is. To illustrate my point I’ll tell you this: On the jog back to my house, I passed write by my street. Got one block before I realized it and turned around. Haha.

I cannot believe how freaking incredible it is to have an iPod. I know I’m not usually one for trendy things but this is definitely one trend that I can say there is good reason for. Go get yourself an iPod asap. I highly recommend it

PS Yes Terry, Tony will be properly rewarded. Hahaha. I don’t even know if you remember saying that to me last night. You may have been a bit drunk at that point.