I just got back from running and I have to say I’m extremely proud of myself. Most days I run to the cemetery and then walk back but today I ran the full 1.8 miles! Yay me! Unfortunately that means I’ll have to run further than the cemetery from now on because I’ve already made my goal. I guess it will be good to explore other neighborhoods in the area, although it kind of scares me a bit…

While I was out running I saw:

A man mowing the lawn.

A woman trimming the hedges.

Kids playing at the park.

And a woman pruning the roses.

Not to mention a host of well-manicured lawns, newly painted exteriors and an overall appearance of being happy small-town America.

But despite it’s Rockwellian appearance, this city has a lot of crime. I wish I could just believe that nothing bad happens in my city. After all, there are only 50,000 people who live here, but unfortunately I’m the crime reporter so I do know what goes on here. We gather the police logs every day from the police station and I have to go to the courthouse to sit in on trials. I’m currently covering a gang murder that happened here a few years back. GANGS in my smalltown America town???

I know we don’t have nearly as much crime as some larger cities but I miss the naivety of youth. I miss thinking that nothing bad ever happened in MY town. I guess we’d all like to believe that, and I think the majority of people still do. Even I didn’t realize the amount of crime going on in Sacramento on the daily until I started paying attention to the news and to trials taking place there. I guess I just find it surprising that so much crime happens in a smaller town. I wouldn’t have expected it.

Ah, to go back to the days when we could trust our neighbors….to when we actually knew who our neighbors were…