I’ve caught myself saying things like “I’m such a girl” or “I don’t want to seem so girlie” a lot lately when I do “girl-like” things. This list includes crying, obsessing over boys, worrying about how my hair looks, etc. You get the idea.

What I don’t understand is when and where this behavior came from. When did my subconscious pick up the idea that being a girl is such a bad thing? Why do I feel like I have to apologize for my “girlie” behavior? Of course I act like a girl, I am a girl after all.

Just because our “girlie” behavior may make men uncomfortable doesn’t mean we should have to apologize for it or feel awkward about it. Men have been told for years that they shouldn’t cry and they have to be “tough” and somehow it seems to have bled through to us women – at least in my case. I feel like I always have to be strong and not let my emotions show through – like I should just put on my happy face and put a sunny spin on everything but it just can’t always be like that. Everyone has bad days, yes? Well, I’m not apologizing for it anymore.