There are so many little things in life we let bother us. For me there are a multitude and I’m sure many of you share them. Following is a short list of things that have been bothering me lately. I didn’t feel any of them warranted a full-fledged blog but I need to get them off my mind anyway.

1. Dry Clean Only.

Honestly? With the technology we have today is it really necessary to have garments made of textiles that are dry clean only? I hate seeing that tag on my clothes when it comes time to do laundry. From now on I’m checking for it BEFORE I buy the clothes.

2. Public Restrooms with No Coat Hanger

It’s still rainy here so when I’m at a bar I often have a coat with me. Not only that, but I’m a girl so I often have a purse too. What am I supposed to do with these items if there isn’t a coat hanger on the back of the door?!?!?!

3. Men Who Whistle at me While I’m Jogging

I do not wear little jogging shorts and a sports bra to jog. Nor am I blonde, tan or large-chested enough to warrant whistling or catcalls. If I’m out in my gray sweat pants and t-shirt for a jog and you’re whistling at me then I know you’d just whistle at anything. STOP.


Not Cute:

Got it?

4. People Who Keep Their Windshield Wipers on When the Rain has Stopped.

These people are nearly as annoying as the people who don’t turn off their blinker once they’ve changed lanes.

5. Too Hot Drinks/Food

I hate burning my tongue. Yesterday I ordered hot chocolate, but apparently the barista thought I said “Scalding Chocolate.” I haven’t been able to taste anything for two days now.

6. Girls Who Think It’s Already Summer

Put away your tank tops, short skirts and sunglasses. It’s still raining outside! AND if you are going to be a stupid girl who can’t wear a coat or real shoes don’t complain about being cold.

Side note: Yes, I do complain about being cold ALL the time, but most of the time I’ve got ten layers of clothes on and I’m still cold so I’m allowed.

7. Men Who Make Women Pay For Them

I am a full supporter of going dutch or taking turns paying for mutual outings, but if you let your girlfriend pay for everything for you then you’re a loser and she’s a pushover.

8. People Who Don’t Let Others Off the Elevator Before Running for the Door.

Honestly?!?! Who are these people that they never learned proper elevator behavior? These people bother me nearly as much as the people who don’t let the person in front of them off the plane first. Some common courtesy would be great.

9. People From SoCal Who Have to Comment Every Time We Say Hella

Yes, we realize we say a word you don’t say. Get over yourselves NOW. Thanks.

10. Sitting in an office for 8 hours when I only have 2 hours of work to do

I should seriously consider doing freelance because I’d get WAY more sleep if I only had to work when there was work to do.

Feel free to agree or add your own!

PS Robb, who just started reading my blog, donated $20 to my Costa Rica fund! Thanks Robb! Only $1200 more and I’m on my way to save the sea turtles. Remember I only have five more weeks to save up and all donations are tax deductible. To donate visit the link on my front page.