#1:  I learned in my college nutrition class that sunshine turns cholesterol into Vitamin E, so now whenever I sit out in the sun I think about it as being healthy rather than detrimental because it could cause cancer. If you ever sunbathe with me you will more than likely hear me say, “I’m making Vitamin E right now.”

#2:   I still watch Gilmore Girls every week because it reminds me of my sister. When I was in college she’d come over every Tuesday and we’d (read: I’d) make spaghetti and watch it together. I super miss my sister.

#3:  My face only turns red on one side when I get hot. My left side turns beat red and my right side stays pale. There’s also a significant temperature difference between the two sides of my face because the pale side stays cold and the other side has tons of blood pumping through it.

#4:  I hate having things stuck in my teeth. For this reason I won’t eat popcorn and I carry dental floss with me at all times. In fact, every one of my purses has a pack of dental floss in it just so I don’t accidentally forget.

#5:  I’ve always been a stickler for spelling and grammar, although in recent years I’ve found that I don’t care nearly as much. I’ll still call you out if you make too many mistakes. I can’t help it.

#6:  I talk in my sleep and I’ve been known to sleep walk once or twice.