Oh, that’s right. I became a hater when I found out what it was like to be single….

When I used to go out with my girlfriends I would get so mad at guys for making comments about how I shouldn’t be out with out my “other half.”

Who are they to tell me I can’t go out if I want to? I would ask.

Last week when me and my friends went out to Hooters I realized that most of our group was attached to someone else and most of their significant others were not around. It got me to thinking about the problem single people have with this situation.

If you’re attached and you’re out on your own I can see how a single person would find it daunting to gauge your interest. To you, you’re taken so chatting with someone seems like harmless fun. But to them, their chances are sky-rocketing because they’ve actually gotten you to talk to them. Then you lay the bomb on them – “Oh, I’ve got a (fill in the blank).” Of course they’re devastated. They just “wasted” their time.

I still don’t agree that coupled people shouldn’t be allowed to go out sans significant other, but I can now see why people used to get so hung up on it. These guys were probably interested in me and then they’d get shot down because I was married. I guess they didn’t think it was fair for me to lead them on by being out. At the same time, they should have learned the lesson long ago to either look for a ring or just ASK. Regardless, I can understand how they feel. I know I’d be really bummed if I was totally into a guy and then I found out he was taken.

This actually happened to me once, but I made lemons out of lemonade…I became super good friends with his girlfriend and forgot about him altogether. She and I still hang out and almost became roomies a few months ago. They’re still together and I’m SO glad he was taken that night because I realized later (read: when I was sober) that he was definitely not my type.

PS I would be devastated if my attached friends stopped hanging out without their guys because I would never see them. So what if we have to endure the evil looks from hopeful suitors, they’re still allowed to have a good time. They’re in relationships,they’re not dead. Honestly, what I like best is that they don’t just disappear when a new guy comes around. Everyone always complains about their friends who do that and I think my group is really blessed to be secure enough in their relationships and themselves to go out by themselves and have a good time without fretting about what their “other half” is doing.

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