Alright, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. But beware, this is a long one because we took way too many pictures. Now without further ado, here are the pictures from our Hooters outing this weekend. For those of you who weren’t able to make it, you can read the narration and try to put the pieces together. Some of the night is a bit fuzzy…

This is where it all began:

Side note: When I took the above picture one of the other Hooters girls walked by and said, “Girl, you’re gonna be famous” to this Hooters girl. Luckily I hadn’t reached Drunk Fighting Becca stage yet so I managed not to tell her off. Oh, and she was right. This girl is all over myspace now. So ha.

Moving along…we told our waitress it was my friend Allan’s birthday so he gamely hula-hooped for us:

Here’s some of the other people who showed up for our night out:

Side note: Tony did you not get the memo?

My friend Brian, who I haven’t seen in about five years:

And here’s my roomie who I almost never see:

Posing for the paparazzi:

After Hooters we moved on to Joshua Pups, where Sofia started smoking for some reason. I don’t even know where she got the cigarette from. Amy quickly stole it from her though:

Then we accosted some guy and made him take some group pictures. I think he must have been drinking too because this is what most of them turned out like:

We went to a few more bars after this, but after dropping my uber-expensive camera I decided it would be best if left in the car. This is the last picture of the evening, taken on the ride home:

I think you’d all agree it was a good night by looking at the eyes. Thanks to all of you who made it out! I love all of our crazy times together.

PS For all of you who think I’m always photogenic and try to capture me in my least attractive state, someone was successful Friday night and shot this gem: