First off, I was going to link this too a New York Times article, but now they make you subscribe to read it even a day later. Boo to the New York Times! I’ll have to find some local coverage of it.

Now on with the blog:

Yesterday was the ice skating competitions at the olympics and all of the men in the office were arguing with me that ice skating is in fact NOT A SPORT. Some said it was an issue of semantics other said they didn’t think any sport should be judged. Sports need to be MEASURABLE they said. There needs to be a clear winner. If there’s a finish line or points then apparently THAT’S what makes it a sport. Nope, not to this girl.

From Webster’s – definition of SPORT:

1. a source of diversion
2. physical activity engaged in for pleasure
3. jest
4. mockery
5. one who accepts results cheerfully whether favorable or not

synonyms: play, frolic, fun, recreation

Just because ice skating, diving, gymnastics and whatever other “non-sports” you can think of are subjective doesn’t mean they don’t take a great deal of athleticism and pain to compete. People don’t have to be acting like barbarians for something to be considered a sport.

You can’t tell me these people aren’t in shape:

As for the idea that there needs to be definable points in order for it to be a sport, there are. I don’t know how it works in ice skating because I never participated in it, but when I competed in diving there were specific points rewarded for each dive. Each dive had defined difficulty points, so really it comes down to what you decide to put on your list of dives to perform that helps or hinders your score. Getting all tens doesn’t matter if you do a low difficulty dive and your competing aginst someone with all sixes who does a triple somersault with a full twist.

Anyway, I was glad to see that so many people voted on my blog poll that ice skating IS a sport. It goes to show that cultural norms are changing.

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