I’m sure there are those people out there who would run for the hills at the mention of a book club meeting. In fact, I tried to start a book club a few years back and nobody was interested. But with the help of some great friends, we were able to start a book club and have had two successful meetings so far. This time around it’s definitely feeling like a success.

See, the thing about book clubs is that it’s not just about the books. It’s a reason to get together with just the girls to laugh and act silly on the premise of being educated. It’s just another way to connect.

Last month the book chosen was “Rules of Attraction” by Brett Easton Ellis. I’m told it was a great book. I was lame and didn’t actually read it. It didn’t matter though because everyone else did and they all were able to give a pretty good summary of the book with some interesting insights. In addition we watched the movie, so I got the gyst. Granted, I’m a huge stickler for reading the book instead of the movie but for this book I made an exception. Ellis’ writing isn’t really my cup of tea.

Anyway, the book club got a little out of hand after the seven of us finished off four bottles of wine. Once the movie ended we were all a bit loopy and SO happy to be hanging out. We laughed hysterically at everything. Some of us cried. And I left sincerely excited about our next meeting. I haven’t had that much fun with a group of just girls in a long, long time. I seriously don’t think I could ask for a better group of friends.

We could decide on one book this month so next month we’re all going to read a book of our choosing. Then we’ll bring the book to the meeting and review it so others can see if they want to borrow it. Hopefully, more people will show up this way because they don’t have to worry about buying a new book just for our meeting *nudge, nudge, wink wink* We’d love to see more ladies show up to the meetings.

Check out the group site in the next few days for details of our next meeting.