I know I wrote a blog awhile back about how I keep ticket stubs. In that blog I tried to say that I’ve learned not to keep so much other weird stuff, but apparently I was mistaken.

Today I was trying to clean up my room and declutter it as much as possible considering the limited space I’m working with. Here’s a short list of things I found:

-Two barf bags I stole on my birthday flight back from Las Vegas.
-The guest book from my wedding.
-Time sheets from when I lived in Paris. (I’ve moved twice since then, mind you. That means I’ve looked at these for some reason and thought to myself they were important enough to keep.)
-All of the Christmas cards I received in 2005.
-Rolls of film I’ve never developed for some reason.
-My day planner from 2004.
-My old tooth guard from rugby, which I haven’t played since 2004.
-And a hat that looks like this:

This is only a small sampling of the things I found today and I’m not nearly finished going through the boxes cluttering my room. Some of these things I threw away, but others I still couldn’t bring myself to part with. I don’t understand what makes me keep things I know I’ll never use or need.

PS The hat was given to me as a joke by an Australian friend of mine.