Friday night a bunch of us went out to celebrate my friend Sep’s birthday. It ended up being quite a fun night, so I thought I’d post some here for those of you who came along.

This is us at the beginning of the night, only slightly enebriated at this point:

Not long after things began looking like this:

(Allan, laughing above, ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor until about 6 a.m. Just a reference as to how this night went.)

And this what happens when people let me take the pictures:

After the pre-party we hit up Soga’s for Sep’s b-day. Here’s us with Sep:

Here’s the ladies:

Soga’s was a bit crowded though, so we headed over to our usual hangoout (aka Sophia’s). Now, I’ve been going to Sophia’s every Wednesday since May and somehow I’ve never noticed the large buddha in the front entrance. Shows how observant I normally am. On this occasion though, the Buddha was definitely seen and shortly thereafter defiled by me and Leslie.

This picture looks much worse than it actually is, but I apologize now to any Buddhists out there for defiling this sculpture.