Haiti: Protests and rioting have broken out again in the streets of Port-au-Prince after election results looked fixed by poll workers. Preval, a former president who supported Aristide (president who was ousted with U.S. help two years ago) was in the lead until poll workers began excluding ballots with irregularities (at least 125,000 of 2 million votes weren’t counted because of this). A 50 percent lead is needed to win the election.

Darwin’s Birthday: In celebration of the guy who introduced us to evolution, churches around the nation preached against recent efforts by religious people to undermine the theory of evolution. The event is part of the Clergy Letter Project and is known as Evolution Sunday.

Making V-Day Money: Valentine’s Day isn’t just great for chocalatiers, jewellers and lingerie shops. According to this news report it’s also the number one time of year for people to hire private investigators to track down cheaters! You have to love romance – “Oh honey, look what I got you. Pictures of you – and your secretary last week!”

Whirlpool Monopoly: The DOJ may challenge Whirlpool’s aquisition of Maytag because it would give the company control of more than half the sales of dishwashers and about 70 percent of washer/dryers in the nation. Any business who owns more than 50 percent of the competition in a given sector can be taken to court on anti-trust charges for monopolizing the market.

Embedded with Microchips: Two workers in Cincinnati have been embedded with surveillance microchips to test the technology. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be willing to have someone tracking me with a microchip implant. So scary.