Today was the practice taping for my newspaper’s weekly news digest. It was a lot of fun, but unless I get in some major practice hours this weekend it’s going to be REALLY embarassing once the show finally airs. Our other reporter’s last take turned out really well and hopefully I’ll be able to do as well when we do the official taping on Tuesday morning. It’s a bummer too because I had the camera guy delete all of my first takes thinking they would get better as the day progressed, but as the day wore on I began speaking too quickly and looking down more often and my last take ended up being the worst one. (Monica, if you’re reading this you better not show that to anyone.)

Speaking too quickly is a problem I’ve always had with public speaking, but being able to watch it afterward really emphasized the things that need to be worked on. It didn’t help either that I’m still sick so I sound funny and my eyes look really tired. I’m praying that I’ll be 100 percent better by next week.

Anyway, Monica and I will be picking our stories over the weekend and then I’ll have to practice A LOT on  Monday night to get the pace and inflection of my words down before I go in for taping on Tuesday. Besides being nervous and looking like a huge goof, I really like the idea of talking into a camera. I just wish I had spent more time memorizing my stories so I didn’t have to read them off the paper. Tuesday we should have a teleprompter though so that may help a little bit…

Just thought I’d give you all an update.