If there’s one good thing I can say about GW, it’s that he always stays on message. In fact, if he hadn’t gone into politics he would have been a great PR agent. In the only public relations class I ever took we learned that keeping “on message” was the most important thing to seeing what you want in print. No matter what questions are thrown at you if you’re “on message” then you just answer with the same responses, even if it doesn’t really answer the question you were asked. I think this is exactly what GW did when he addressed the nation last night. Then again, maybe he wouldn’t be great at PR, he probably just has a PR genius working behind the scenes.

Regardless, I think the most disappointing part of the State of the Union address last night was the visual interpretation we received of our nation, a nation divided. Each time the president would make a point half the audience would stand in applause while the other half would sit staunchly opposed to showing any acceptance to what he had to say. There were very few times during the 51 minute speech where both democrats and republican stood in unified applause for the president.

Not only did we see this, but the rest of the world saw it. No matter how “on message” the president may have been, there was no mistaking that the entire nation is not behind him on many issues we face. I know it’s probably normal for congress to not always agree with the president, but when I was a kid it seemed like the country was far less divided than it is today. Perhaps I was just more naive/ignorant when I was younger.

Annotated Transcript
Video for those of you who missed it.