I will cry if myspace doesn’t post this because my copy/paste function isn’t working so I’ll have to retype the whole thing.

State of the Union: GW is going to be giving another impeccable speech tonight. Everyone should be watching it at 6 p.m., although I doubt we’ll learn anything new or exciting from the man.

Coretta King: This past Martin Luther King Jr. celebration was the last for the civil rights leader’s widow, Coretta King. She died early this morning. She had spent the past several years keeping her husband’s vision of non-violent social change alive before suffering from a major stroke in August of last year.

Alito Sworn In: A 58-42 vote, largely along party lines, confirmed the 110th Supreme Court Justice today, tilting the court to the conservative side. Only one woman remains on the Supreme Court.

Postal Shooting: I haven’t heard of anyone going postal in awhile, but it looks like it has happened again. A former female postal employee in Santa Barbara killed six people before committing suicide last night. So cliche.