I recently began watching The Shield, starting with season 1. In fact, I’ve only just finished season 1 and I have to say I find the show to be mildly disturbing.

See, I’m a cop show junky. I watch CSI, Law & Order, NYPD Blue and just about any other cop show on TV. But all of those cop shows end with the cops being the heroes. They solve their case, get the bad guys and do it all in just a day or so. This is why The Shield is more disturbing. The bad guys don’t always get caught, and often the bad guys are in cahoots with the cops. There’s also a little too much violence in the show, making it a little too realistic for me. I don’t like to see people getting beat up and being all bloody. It makes me cringe.

The thing I like least about the show though is that the cops are bad. Even the ONE good cop on the show ends up beating up a prisoner in a later episode. I liked my little fantasy world of all cops being good and always doing the right thing. Watching this show is disquieting at best, but of course I’ll keep watching it because I have to see what happens.