First, a disclaimer: I realize religion is a touchy subject with many people. This is just a way for me to work out what I’m thinking. Please do not be offended because this is not meant to be offensive in the least.

Furhtermore, all views are welcome on this page but PLEASE do not insult those who express their views openly. Just because someone may not agree with you does not make them an idiot, moron, bigot etc. Any name-calling WILL be deleted and you will be blocked from my page.

Now on with the blog:

I’m sure some people have noticed I haven’t defined my religion on my page. What I’ve noticed is a lot of my friends have defined themselves as agnostic but I never really knew what it meant to be agnostic. From hearing them talk I knew I probably agreed with it but I was always too lazy to look it up and too ashamed of my ignorance to ask them. So last night I finally looked it up online.

I found several definitions of it and found that the term agnostic was coined by a professor named Thomas Huxley who felt one should only believe in things that can be proven. Apparently the difference between this and atheism is that atheists find the proof against the existence of God is overwhelming, while agnostics believe the evidence for and against the existence of God is inconclusive therefore not choosing whether to believe or disbelieve.

I like the idea of agnosticism because it leaves the question of God open just in case. See, I’m not sure I don’t believe in God. But I am sure I don’t believe in organized religion. I think it creates a mob mentality where everyone are drones and followers.

I grew up in a very religious family and while I’m thankful for what I learned from my religion, I’m also thankful that I escaped. Religions teach morals and good values. People learn to be sympathetic and loving toward others who have less than themselves. Religion often teaches people to be good samaritans and support volunteerism.

Unfortunately, many religions also teach intolerance. The ignorance, hypocrisy and hatred displayed by many religious people has really turned me off from the whole idea of established religion. Maybe one day I’ll change my mind. Religious people often seem more content with life than non-believers. Perhaps it’s because of their naivety of all things “ungodly.” Sometimes I think it’d be nice to go back to the ignorant bliss of my youth.