The newest Yellowcard CD, Lights and Sounds, was released yesterday and their new album pretty much rocks. If you’re a Yellowcard fan, you won’t be disappointed.

By far my favorite song on the album is “2 weeks from 20.” If you can’t guess what it’s about, then I’ll tell you. It’s about a kid who joined the military and ended up getting killed just before turning 20. I appreciate any musician who can use their art to raise awareness about issues and things effecting real people. Back in the 70’s there were plenty of songs written in response to the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. Today there are many people who are less inclined to speak out against our government – for obvious reasons – but there are some who still have the courage to speak up, and it seems like we’re hearing more and more dissenters as the war in Iraq drags on.

One of the most blatant of these artists is Green Day and their American Idiot CD. But if you want something a little less extreme, but meaningful all the same, I suggest Yellowcard. Take a listen at their myspace site.