I used to keep everything. Clothes I never wore, shoes that would never come back in style, school books I never bothered to read, ticket stubs, old school papers — I kept it all. I’m sure I learned it from my mother who has boxes, still packed, from a move we made when I was 7 years old. She doesn’t even know what’s in those boxes anymore, but she keeps them for some crazy reason. My whole family is a whole clan of pack rats.

But after a few years of living with me, Donald broke me of the habit. He made me reduce my accumulated junk to only two boxes so it could all fit in the hall closet and I went through a massive decluttering of our house. I gave away posters, sold my old books, cds and movies. I cleaned out my closet and sold everything that didn’t fit anymore. I even gave away the kitchen table.

At the time it was quite a relief to be unburdened by all of those possessions and the truth was I didn’t need any of them. Well, the kitchen table would have come in handy, but most things weren’t missed at all.

Now I go through my house every few months and try to get rid of the mail and other junk that I’ve allowed to pile up so my house doesn’t get overrun with clutter again. BUT there is one thing that I just can’t seem to get rid of and I don’t know why — ticket stubs.

I keep movie tickets, sporting events tickets, ballet tickets and any other type of ticket I’m handed. It doesn’t even have to be a special occasion like a first date or my birthday to make me keep the ticket. I just keep them. I have whole piles of them in my scrapbooking box as though I’m going to one day make a big collage of them for my scrapbook or find pictures from that day and paste the ticket stub next to it. I wonder what compels me to keep these small tokens of where I’ve been and what I’ve done. Even after writing this I don’t see myself running home to throw out all of my ticket stubs. Perhaps it’s just a way for me to keep something around since I’ve learned to get rid of all of the other larger things that clutter up my life. Hmmmm….