I did a lot of blog therapy when Paige and I broke up but I never really dealt with the Donald and I break up. I guess it was in part because it didn’t feel really over. We were still friends and still saw each other often – and we were still technically married until yesterday. But now I’m going through all of those awful break up feelings and it sucks, especially because I’m really still dealing with my other break up.

So anyway, I just thought I’d give you all a little glimpse of what 8.5 years brings you, besides a big wedding picture with “failed” stamped across the front of it. It also brings lots of great memories. Unfortunately, a lot of those memories happened before I had a digital camera (thank goodness because I wasn’t nearly as cute in high school) so I’m improvising. You get the shortened version. Here we go…

Donald always loved the outdoors and in time I learned to love them too. Now, as soon as spring hits I’m strapping on my hiking boots and practically running for the trails. Here’s us hiking at my most favorite hiking spot – Point Reyes:

Donald saw me through college – all six years of it. He made sure I never gave up no matter how much I wanted to and he was right beside me when I finally graduated. In fact, he was there for my high school graduation too.

Even though he wasn’t a huge fan of the Adler clan, he always got along with my younger siblings and they truly came to think of him as their older brother. In fact, he’s been there for the entire lives of the youngest two so they don’t know of life without Donald. He’s always been there for Christmas, birthdays, Thanksgiving. Yeah, that’s why I couldn’t go home this year. I couldn’t face those two. Even my sister Jess grew up with Donald. I think they’re all just as heart broken about this as anyone.

Even though Donald always hated traveling, I taught him to bear it. He drove all the way to Canada for Canadian Thanksgiving with me one year. We drove to Oregon on a whim. I put 60,000 miles on my car in only 3 years. He also took me to D.C. for a weekend, just because. We visited 18 states together, including Alaska and Hawaii. And we even made it to two different continents – Europe and Australia.We learned to take pictures like the ones below because we were always on these trips by ourselves.

Then there was the day Donald told me he wanted a divorce. We were on our way to meet my friends for a Monarch’s game. Here’s us with our brave faces on at the game:

And here’s the picture from Australia that Donald has since cut me out of:

We still had our rings on then. I don’t know how  we were at my graduation smiling and being as happy as we ever were and then two months later we were filing for divorce. I don’t know how it happens. I don’t have the answers. I’ve tried letting other people into my life and all I get is hurt.

I know everyone wants to tell me that it’s not a reason to give up or stop trying, but it is. I’m over it. I’m over love. I’m over men. I’m over marriage. I’m over getting to know people just to have them hurt me later. I’m over it and I’m not doing it any more.

PS Friends are not included in the “it” that I’m over.