I’ve never thought of myself as a very superstitious person, but there are some things that I just won’t do, or that bother me just because of the superstitions surrounding them.

I’m not afraid to walk under a ladder and I think black cats are beautiful. But I do think twice before picking up a penny that’s face down. The number 13 has never bothered me so much, but I always worry about breaking a mirror. What is it that makes us choose one superstition over the next? I honestly only think I’m scared of some things because it’s so pervasive in our society.

Some of the most common superstitions surround things that are considered “evil” the number 13, 666, black cats, cemeteries. But I wonder who came up with not opening umbrellas indoors (another one I won’t do), walking below ladders, seeing the bride/groom on the wedding day. How were these superstitions concocted?

When I was younger I even made up some superstitions of my own and some solutions to others. When I would get a chain letter, I never wanted to send them out because I thought it was mean to send people bad luck. So instead of mailing it to all of my friends I would burn it in the backyard and tell myself that it would make the bad luck go away.

Another thing I did was hold my breath when I passed cemeteries because I was afraid I’d inhale a lost soul if I were to breathe. That may even be a real superstition, but I remember just freaking out one day thinking about it and I couldn’t breathe by cemeteries for years. Weird huh?

These days, to keep my sanity, I just roll my eyes and pretend I don’t believe in any of it. But some things, like opening my umbrella indoors, still freak me out just a little. Are there any weird superstitions you used to believe in…or still do?

PS If you WANT to have some superstitions, you can visit this site. It can give you lots of new things to worry about.

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