On Friday night I went to dinner with my friend Eric and we talked about the philosophy of survival of the fittest. It came out of a comment I made about cancer. The truth is we’ve changed our living environments so much that there’s no way evolution can properly work anymore. Eric pointed out that we’re essentially dilluting the species by allowing the weaker of our species to survive when in nature they would have otherwise perished.

Eric’s feeling is that if a baby dies at birth, although sad, it’s meant to be. The more I thought about this, the more true it sounded. It’s not that I’m heartless, but I honestly think that fixing everyone’s problems and altering our living environments is the true cause of overpopulation in this country and around the world. It could also be a reason why there are so many diseases spread each year. Making everything sterile and vaccinating everything could potentially mean lower immune systems. Now, I’m not a doctor, nor an expert on this it’s just my random ramblings.

Think about it though, without the medical advancements we have today there would be thousands more people dying every day. The more I thought about it the more I realized how far-reaching it is. Let’s take my family for instance:

My older brother was born with no complications. Then there was me. Not only was I a c-section baby, but I couldn’t breathe at birth and had to have my side cut open and a tube inserted into my lungs to breathe for me. I was then put in an incubator until the doctors, two days later, decided to cut me open and see what was causing all of the problems for me. Without all of this work I probably would have been dead within hours of my birth, one of the weak. AND it’s quite possible my mother would have died too, thus preventing 7 more births.

Had my mother lived and only I died, she would have had one more natural birth – my next sister. No complications. Following her were 6 more c-sections. My mother and those babies would have surely died before all of them were conceived/born. My family alone would have made at least 7, if not 8 less people in the world if natural survival were put into play. It would DEFINITELY be sad to see babies dying all the time and it just made me think how difficult it must have been back in the days when this was the reality rather than hypothetical. I still can’t decide if we’re lucky or unlucky to have medical advances like what we have today, but it’s our new reality and nature will continue to try and find ways to kill us off. Of this, I am sure.