What is it about cleaning the house that makes everything feel better? I usually hate cleaning. I can let dishes sit in the sink for days hoping someone else will clean them before I get around to it, but when I’m angry, sad, stressed, or upset about something cleaning becomes second nature. In fact, Donald used to know when I was pissed at him because he’d come home and I’d be cleaning like a mad woman. He’d joke that he should piss me off more often…but then he’d grab the sponge, mop or whatever from me and ask what was up.

Last night I got home from the bars with my friends and started cleaning my room, changing my pillowcases and sheets. Did some laundry and finally crashed. I finally woke up just before noon today and started cleaning again. I even organized the pantry. Weird, right? But I do feel better. I think a lot of times our environment brings us down just as much as any of the other elements in our lives. Maybe that’s why I always start cleaning. I figure if I change my surroundings maybe something inside me will change too. Regardless, my roommate will be glad to have a cleaner house today.