Aren’t you all so happy you get to follow me on the journey through my career? Recently I posted a blog Top Four Reasons for Staying in Print, but it looks like even in print I’m going to make a television debut. Granted, it’s only the public access station but I’m still really excited about it.

Me and another reporter met with the producer and station manager this morning to lay the groundwork for a weekly news update done by us. It’s only going to be a week in review at first using news briefs with some features, then when we see how it goes it may become bi-weekly or even daily. Our first taping isn’t for a month so I’ll at least have some time to prepare myself but today I got super nervous as we were talking about it.

I can’t wait until I’m 40 and I’m looking back at these goofy video clips of me reading the news. It’s going to be hilarious!